Monthly events will help our community understand how to get the right leaders into office and each will offer the chance to take a civic action.

Sustain the Vote is focusing on the NYC City Council race. Our goals are to educate candidates about resiliency, clean energy, and equitable and sustainable infrastructure; and about their constituents’ specific interests with respect to those issues, and to spur and facilitate constituent engagement with elected representatives on STV issues

Want to help ensure candidates prepare for a clean energy future? Reach out to us and to get involved. 


Upcoming Events

October 19th (Thurs) - Join us to warm up for the City Council election. Meet people who share your interests and take action to make sure sustainability is on the agenda for your local election. 

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Here are some actions you can take any time. 


Take a few minutes each week to take civic actions that strengthen your community. Here are some suggestions:

  • Learn who your city council member is and email them to make sure they know what is important to sustainability in your community:
  • Find an empowering fact on the Campaign Finance Board's election voter guide and post it for your community:
  • Put voting dates on your calendar and invite friends and coworkers - Sept 12th and November 7th, 2017
  • Write a Pro/ Con statement for Forest Preserve Land Bank