We are building an advocacy group of supporters for sustainable infrastructure and clean energy.


Our History

We were formed immediately following the 2016 U.S. Presidential election by two groups – the Cleantech Party for Hillary and the Women for Hillary in Climate, Sustainability and Infrastructure. Although previously distinct, these groups were united in their support for policies at the federal level that advanced clean energy, resiliency, and sustainable infrastructure. Sustain the Vote came together after the election because of concerns that these policies and our shared values may not be upheld by the incoming Administration.

Our Values

  • Social equity; Economic prosperity; Resilient infrastructure; Natural resource preservation

  • We believe that investment in U.S. infrastructure should be sustainable and benefit all Americans;
  • That incentives for clean energy should be extended, so as to ensure there is a level playing field for all forms of energy generation;
  • That green jobs are a source of growth for the economy;
  • That women, minorities, youth and vulnerable communities are integral in decision-making;
  • That the U.S. should maintain its leadership role internationally in policies that mitigate the effects of climate change, including its commitments to the Paris Climate Change Agreement of December 2015; and
  • That America’s water, air and land should be protected for future generations.

Plan of Action

We pursue our aforementioned mission through organizing regular educational or strategy forums followed by opportunities for our participants to make direct civic contributions. Our objectives in these meetings are to a) perform concrete actions that will help elect candidates into office that reflect our values as listed above, b) leverage our collective voice to provide a meaningful forum for those in office to hear from their constituents on these issues, and c) spread knowledge and urgency about these issues among our peers.

Now is the time to put the building blocks in place
for a successful 2018 election cycle
— The Founding Team